New Spooks trailer
my day
Yes I'm back baby!!!!!

It's been a time, since I made a Richard Armitage vid. But since the new spooks season is coming (hopefully) in the next days , I had to make a little trailer.

I used a song from E.S, posthumus and footage from spooks season 7

here is the link:

How to : talk to your new boss
Glorious, just fantastic. Slowly I'm coming to the conclusion, that life hates me. Seriously!
I'm now waiting for the phone call from my new boss over 3 weeks. And when did he finally call me? This morning at 9 AM. Of course I was still in bed -.- . Who calls a student during the semester break before 11 AM?

I proudly presents the written note from the first few sentences( remember I still haven't met this man)Just insert a random name in the *** , if you want, cause I'm not revealing my RL-name :-P :

My Boss : Miss ****?
Me :uuuuuaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhnnnngggggfff

(imagine the sound simon Pegg made in that scene )

my Boss : Miss ****? ( he asked again....)
Me : ggggnnnfffffuuuuhhhhaaaaaa

(imagine the sound in this scene. Hopefully you realise that it is a little bit more "awake")

My Boss : Miss ****? Are you there?
Me : Mmppppffffggghhh YES, yes I'm on the phone (resisting the urge to give a yawn).
My Boss : Ahh , great, I have a job for you......

In the end I got the job, and I can start tomorrow ;-P

my day
They are gone....all!!

I could cry, all my pictures and photos are gone. They just vanished from my hard drive. And of course, there are no safety copies on my external harddrives (yes I have 2 external harddrives ;_; ).

To cap it all, all my videostuff is gone ,too. Every d*** F****** scene I've ever prepared and carefully arranged just disappeared completely. I checked every possible folder...nothing is left.
Actually I was working on a new intro....but I never contrived to make everything new.
I guess it will take a while until my next video is finished. O.o

Now I have to ask all my friends and my family, if they have some of those pics I've lost (family and holiday related things).

nothing new on the horizon
Da Docta

I'm still trying to get my timetable for the next semester finished. And thank god, I'm nearly done!!!!
I just have to pass my qualifying examination, so I occupy my many sleepless nights with learning, or at least I try to fill them with more sensible subjects.

The only thing that keeps me smiling at the moment is the steaming cup with hot chocolate in front of me *gg*. Of course it is a selfmade version and not that cheap ( like plastic tasting) instant stuff you get at the supermarket.

Here is a picture of it, feel free to take a sip ;-p

Dr. Who - Earth
the TARDIS *sniff*

This time I made a more serious Video.

The Idea came to me, when I watched the first episode with the ninth doctor. the scene when he answers Rose, who he is. Actually the scene when he says :

"I can feel it. The turn of the earth. The ground underneath our feet is spinning a thousend miles a hour.........."
(It still gives me goosebumps)

And I started to wonder , if the doctor is able to feel the spinning, maybe he is able to feel the earth' pain, too? I used some scenes from the tenth and ninth doctor. But the main part is from the movie HOME.

That is what the Video is about. It is more a clarion call for action, than a fun vid.

reviews are very welcome, please tell me what you think about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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DR. WHO vid
the TARDIS *sniff*
It was  just  a matter of  time, until I  had  to start  with  Dr  who   fanvids.

 Contrary to  my habits I  made  a  funny vid.  Considering  those circumstances I  hope  you  can  enjoy  a very short and  funny  piece of junk.

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My other vids
the TARDIS *sniff*
Here are eventually  the links to my older videos.

Moving on- Never easy
Read more...Collapse )

All of that past
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MI5 love
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I'm Losing you
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Yeah i've got my banner
the TARDIS *sniff*
Finally finally, I've got my banner uploaded.
Many, many, many and many, many more thanks to the lovely Kolibrichen for making my wonderful banner *cry*!!! It is perfect...and she created it just for me.......
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latest vid
the TARDIS *sniff*
Ok here we go, my latest video ;-P I will insert the other links I hope you enjoy it.

What am I doing here?
the TARDIS *sniff*
OK here I am ,

I used to  make some Fan-vids with Richard Armitage in the past, and here they are. I'm still new in the video making thingie so please be gentle :-P.


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