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9 January 1985
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There isn't much to tell.
I'm female, geeky , crazy, sarcastic and cynical. I love "Black British Humour" and hate pears.
Don't expect me to lie, just to be polite. If you are looking for someone , who is crawling up your ass, I'm the wrong person.
But if you are looking for someone who tells you seriously, what he is thinking...that's me!!!!

The primary function of this journal is posting my videos and get some bits and pieces from stuff I'm interested in (some TV shows, actors or music). Please don't think you know me, just because you read my few entries. I'm not blogging, or at least it is not planned. I hope I'm a little bit more complex , than that. And since I have a life beyond my PC ( yes, there is life out there ^.^ ), I guess I'm right about that.
I'm not a fangirl !!!!! Yes I make fanvids, but that's it! Mainly I enjoy connecting music with pictures and playing with my stupid vidding program Magix VideoMaker, until I can afford Sony Pro :3 .

Currently I'm a student of Book Science. And guess what, I love books!
Before you ask, YES Book Science is a bachelor degree course. And NO, I don't know what kind of work I get, when I'm finished.

Oh and I'm a vegetarian who loves chocolate.

And the most important thing about me is :
I HATE the Twilight Saga. It is one of the worst things that could happen to us. I'm sorry but since little teenage girls started to read this book series everything went mad! I don't start talking about the movie .....sorry good entertainment happens in another world. Why is everybody so exited about it? I don't get it?
I have no problems with people who like that stuff, but please... please don't try to tell me how fantastic it is. There is no accounting for tastes.

Name: LiftaLady

Age: ancient

Favorite Food: dark chocolate

Favorite Hobby: AIKIDO

pt your very own monster today!

"Most people are unconscious
up to 17, dreaming until 25, awake
to 39, mad after 40, dead after
60." - Ian Fleming